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Exile Monographs

A catalogue of the exile books fund, the Libri prohibiti, has finally found its way to the internet. It is the first catalogue presented in this way, and we hope others will follow soon.

The catalogue contains come non periodicals published in the West, either in Czech (marginally, some specific literature concerning the Czech Republic has been included - e.g. publications on ecology and mainly religious literature directed towards readers in Czechoslovakia, or the Czech Republic), or in other languages, as long as these were published by a Czech exile publishing house or the author himself. The user will not find then translations from Czech to other languages, with the exception of those published either in parallel with the Czech original in one book, or by a Czech exile publisher. Conversely, there are translation to the Czech language, mostly religious literature, and so called missionary literature in particular.

Alongside with classical books we have included also small publications, frequently comprising of merely a few pages, often duplicated (especially in the 50s), various separate prints or manuscripts copied by the author (e.g. Xeroxed). We have included also monographic magazine issue (Rencontres, Revue K i. a.). All these writings have been included in the catalogue even though  these are obviously not books.

The catalogue spans period starting in February 1948 to present, and hence also "post-November" publications. Teh fund currently contains 3443 various exile publications, which represents roughly 9 tenths of the overall number of publications known to date. Obviously, missing publications have not been included. A list of these may be found under the heading Missing Books and Publications. We are very grateful for any information or help kindly offered in our quest to extend the funds.

The catalogue has been published with the help of Open Society Fund Foundation in Prague.



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The library is the largest collection of samizdat and exile press, but still there remain significant gaps that need to be added. We ask for help from friends at home and abroad. Who you are old samizdat and exile or expatriate books, newspapers, magazines, records, recordings, brochures, leaflets, circulars, etc., come in, it's important!

Equally important is for us and for financial support.Also, thanks to your help, we continue previous work and enables us to maintain our independence. Thank you!

Support namely:

digitization of audio and video recordings

digitization exile and samizdat journals

cataloging of books, magazines and recordings

processing of personal collections and archives

We welcome your possible financial assistance:

Bank account number is 219642286/0300 ČSOB as at

For foreign payments IBAN:



ID: 45247048

Also we are ready to accept book donations of all kinds, samizdat and exile literature, newspapers and magazines, leaflets, posters, small prints, photographs, recordings, films, documents and personal papers.

Thank you!


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Projekt Rádia Svobodná Evropa představuje osudy tří signatářek Charty 77, jejichž odvaha se stala inspirací pro další ženy bojující za svobodu.


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