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The library contains Libri prohibiti Polish documents from the years 1970-1989, outline the so-called underground activities, in print, audio or video form. The collection is partly a gift card Foundation in Warsaw, partly the result of systematic replenishment of library Libri prohibiti. Part of the fund documents are exiled Polish and foreign information about events in Poland.

In 2009 and 2010, this unique collection and archive that charts the history of the Polish underground activities of the last 20 years of communism and mutual Polish-Czech contacts in this period, opened to the public in a project supported by the Czech-Polish Forum MH.

At the same time digitized Czech samizdat periodicals that regularly published translations from Polish and addressed the Polish opposition. The project has a separate website http://polpk.wz.cz , including the. The updated version is available in the library.

We released a collection of Czech-Polish samizdat literature in a second circulation: studies and interviews with translators.

IMPORTANCE Scout promise

Project in 2011 focused on the transformation of wording of the oath in the history of Scouting - in Bohemia and Moravia and the Slovak Republic, Poland and Hungary, with an emphasis on how to scout organization approached the "first principle" and the Scout Promise influenced the lives of Scouts in time Oppression. The library held three meetings and international conferences scout, was a traveling exhibition of the same name and was released anthology.

Project website can be found here: http://slib.wz.cz

The project was supported by the International Visegrad Fund.



Getting ready access to student magazines from the 60s 20th cent. on Libri prohibiti.

The first part of the student magazines can be found here:http://www.libpro.cz/cs/knihovna/digitalizace/studentske-casopisy

To access other magazines working intensively.

University student body belonged to the wearer's important reform movement in Czechoslovakia in the 60s 20th century. An important role for the formation played student journals. These are unfortunately very poorly preserved. They are located scattered in different parts of disordered and archival collections or in the personal archives of witnesses. It is yet a fairly valuable source which reflects not only on the development of the student movement, but also generally on topics that were moving the society. In order to focus as well as the preservation of these magazines in the future, was launched in 2007 in the library of samizdat and exile literature Libri prohibiti project to digitize and make available these magazines. So far it was from a variety of sources (Libri prohibiti collections or other institutions, witnesses) collected and scanned a total of 208 specimens.Facsimile editions of these magazines with a brief historical introduction and a list will soon be made available on the website Libri prohibiti.


Presentation of results of the project dedicated to the Committee on the Defense of the Unjustly Persecuted.

In 2007-2009, the library samizdat and exile literature Libri prohibiti awarded a grant project of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic "Committee for Defense of the Unjustly Persecuted. Political persecution, opposition and independent activities in Czechoslovakia in the years 1978-1989 "(project No. 409/07/0551).The site Libri prohibiti is prepared presentation of the results of this project.



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The library is the largest collection of samizdat and exile press, but still there remain significant gaps that need to be added. We ask for help from friends at home and abroad. Who you are old samizdat and exile or expatriate books, newspapers, magazines, records, recordings, brochures, leaflets, circulars, etc., come in, it's important!

Equally important is for us and for financial support.Also, thanks to your help, we continue previous work and enables us to maintain our independence. Thank you!

Support namely:

digitization of audio and video recordings

digitization exile and samizdat journals

cataloging of books, magazines and recordings

processing of personal collections and archives

We welcome your possible financial assistance:

Bank account number is 219642286/0300 ČSOB as at

For foreign payments IBAN:



ID: 45247048

Also we are ready to accept book donations of all kinds, samizdat and exile literature, newspapers and magazines, leaflets, posters, small prints, photographs, recordings, films, documents and personal papers.

Thank you!


Spolupráce Libri prohibiti na projektu The Women Of Charter 77 And The New Dissenters

Projekt Rádia Svobodná Evropa představuje osudy tří signatářek Charty 77, jejichž odvaha se stala inspirací pro další ženy bojující za svobodu.


Odkaz na webové stránky projektu naleznete zde.