Libri prohibiti


Library “banned books” arose from the need to focus on one spot and make the general public production exile and samizdat publishers and fill as one of the “white spots” of our recent history.

We believe that one of the pillars of democracy is the citizen’s right of access to information without any hindrance and we try to contribute to the fulfillment of this right. To such a service can actually provide, library must be private and independent. 
After overcoming numerous legal, financial, spatial and other problems we have a library of 22 opened in October 1990 Podskalská street for financial and technical assistance Cs. Charter 77 Foundation and attended by many prominent cultural leaders, including the president. 
Later the library activities enabled the selfless help of many supporters of our thoughts and in the Czech Republic and the body was totally unique and irreplaceable, which are still missing. 
The base libraries have been archived copies of the samizdat editions 
Dustbins, which were published by George Gruntorád, and other publications by him in the normalization obtained by purchase or exchange. The collection then consisted of about 2000 books, periodicals and a representative collection of documents.