Libri prohibiti

Polish underground LIBRARY

The library contains Libri prohibiti Polish documents from the years 1970-1989, outline the so-called. Underground activities, in print, audio or video form. The collection is partly a gift card Foundation in Warsaw, partly the result of systematic replenishment library Libri prohibiti. Part of the fund documents are exiled Polish and foreign information about events in Poland. V r. 2009 and 2010, this unique collection and archive, which charts the history of the Polish underground activities of the last 20 years of communism and mutual Polish-Czech contacts in this period, opened to the public as part of a project supported by Czech-Polish Forum Ministry of Health. There was also digitized Czech samizdat periodicals that regularly published translations from Polish and addressed the Polish opposition. The project has a separate website , including catalog. The updated version is available in the library. We published a collection of Czech-Polish literature in samizdat and second circulation: studies and interviews with translators.